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Day Of Dignity 2017

Day of Dignity 2017 was held in the Park Of the Elephant on September 10th. This year we had these oragnizations as partners:

Day of Dignity 2016 flyer

Our partnership was our way in showcasing true American spirit in working together for a better America, united for the greater cause of humanity. We had 540 homeless served with food. Supplies distributed to the homeless were thermal socks; hoodies; First aid kits; school kits; and hygiene kits. In addition, resource information; health counselors and barbers for haircuts were made available.

Our local youth from 12-18 years of age provided their time and services with packaging and manning booths and distributing the supplies. For our youth, this is an excellent way to gain awareness and respect for the human condition.
We want to groom our youth to take more leadership roles with community well-being activities and to pass the baton over to the next generation.

Hair Cut Service
Youth In Service
Village Coalition Booth
Our Partner Multnomah Health
Outside In Booth
Our Partner JFCS Booth
JFCS Booth


Homeless Profiles

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