Islamic Social Services Of Oregon State (ISOS)

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Resource Aid Form Argreement

ISOS does not cover for lost/stolen items.
Please provide ISOS 7-10 days to process your request.
Please comply to the following before completing the Resource Aid Form.

By completing the form, you agree to the following:

  1. You are a resident of Oregon State or Southwest Washington State.

  2. You have already been serviced by another social service agency before applying for aid with ISOS. You will be asked to provide details in the form under Community Partner section. (Note: ISOS does not replace for lost or stolen funds without a receipt).

  3. You will be able to provide your last year's tax returns /or last 3 months of bank statements and pay statements (if applicable).

  4. You can provide details about your plans to be self-sufficient.

  5. If you are applying for disability, you must have an authorized agency that can provide us with monthly disability status.