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Working together to help those in need to be self-reliant

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Day Of Dignity 2022

Portland, OR is one of 29 cities in the US, sponsored by Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA), engaged with the annual Day of Dignity Event, by working with ISOS. The event occurred on Sunday, September 18th, from noon to 4pm at North Park Block B (Elephant in the Park), located between NW Burnside; NW Couch and NW Park Ave, NW 8th Ave. ISOS co-partnered with 25 agencies/businesses that share the same common interest with assisting our most vulnerable neighbors, the homeless. About 500 homeless were served and a report was generated about the profiles of the homeless

Supplies Provided:

Backpacks, Sleeping Bags, Tarps, Winter Socks, Knitted Hats, Hygiene Kits, Feminine Hygiene, School Kits, Winter Kits, Produce, Non-Perishable food, Bar-B-Que Veggie burgers, Bottled Water, Donuts, Chap Sticks, Street Roots Resource Booklets and Face Masks.    

Services Provided:

Medical Consultation; Chiropractic Services; Blood Pressure Testing, Glucose Testing, Housing/Shelter Resources, Employment Resources, Domestic Violence Services, Mental/Behavorial Health Crisis Resources, Foot Clinic, Sight/Hearing Exams/Resources, Flu and COVID Vaccinations; Oregon Health Plan Enrollment; Barbers/Grooming.

Youth provided services by taking surveys of the homeless and distributed supplies, providing a great opportunity for youth awareness of being homeless.

We thank our co-partners and IRUSA for providing a successful Day of Dignity 2022 Event!

Day of Dignity 2022, Portland,OR. from Elijah Hasan on Vimeo.

Homeless Trend Report: